Madi Brill


Hi! My name is Madi Brill. Welcome to my portfolio! You can find some information about me and my life right here.

Fun Facts:

  • I am an avid reader! My happy place is within the pages of a good book.
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  • I love history! I lead the history and political science club on my college campus, and always love a good discussion about past and current events.
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  • My dream is to be a librarian! My love for books combined with my skills and desires will make me the best librarian I can be.
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  • I love to spend time organizing.

I am a current student at Grace College and Theological Seminary. I am studying history, English, and information systems with my interdisciplinary studies major. After I complete my undergraduate degree, I hope to be able to complete my graduate degree in library science.

I have taken courses in Java and MySQL at Grace, and I participated in Eleven Fifty's Smart Launch Tech program, learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

CSS Creature

See the Pen Panda by madibrill ( @madibrill) on CodePen.

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